Chapter 8: How to Increase Affiliate Income Using Influential Techniques

Influential Techniques
Influential Techniques

Affiliate marketing is a method in which people can earn additional income in the comfort of their own homes. One of the best ways to increase your sales fast is: Find Influencers for Your Affiliate’s Product.

This kind of marketing has proven worthwhile, as some smart affiliate marketers were able to make millions in a short amount of time.

In saying that though, thousands still use affiliate marketing and earn very little.

The reason? They’re not putting forth the necessary effort to make a good secondary income.

They don’t make the commitment to put forth that effort.

They’re treating it like a hobby, which means they’re making hobby money.

If you want to see a rise in your affiliate income, you need to remember a few influential strategies to help you.

Pre-Sell to Visitors

The secret of making money through the Internet is to pre-sell to visitors.

You need to prep your visitor’s minds to buy something before you direct them back to your affiliate merchant’s site.

After all, people are skeptical by nature and are not always ready to buy something.

Think of it as brainwashing, if you will.

It’s a good type of brainwashing, as it prepares them to purchase the product you are promoting. 

Do A Follow-Up

Be sure you’re following up with the leads to help you produce the income dollars you want.

Most people will not buy from you the first time they hear about a company or product.

In fact, it’s not unheard of to lose visitors entirely.

According to expert affiliate marketers, you see visitors buy from you after seeing and hearing from you more than seven times.

This is why you need the visitors’ contact information, as it will allow you to follow up with these individuals and keep you in their minds.

Maintain Your Focus

A very important influential strategy is something simple, and it will help you to earn the money you want from an affiliate marketing program.

It maintains your focus – not just some of the time, but all the time!

Give your affiliate marketing strategy your complete and undivided attention

Do not try and promote multiple affiliate products, as it can hinder your chance of actually making sales on any of them.

Keep your focus on just one product until you hit the $1,000 threshold and can see it operating autonomously without a lot of effort on your part.

Find Influencers for Your Affiliate’s Product

Another thing to be mindful of is to find influencers to help you sell your affiliate product.

This means reaching out to these individuals on their social media sites, websites, blogs, etc.

The key is to have their help in promoting the product without the need to pay for their services.

If they purchase and use the product themselves, they can promote the affiliate marketer’s product with a clear indication of how it works.

Success isn’t going to happen overnight, including in the affiliate marketing field.

If you don’t put in the work, you won’t see the rewards.

Anybody can get started in affiliate marketing and be successful.

That’s the thinking anyway!

The reality is that many novice affiliate marketers make nothing from the program for one reason or another.

If this happened to you, be mindful of the fact that you are not alone!

What’s differentiates successful affiliate marketers from the losers?

It boils down to reading the best affiliate marketing guide.

There are hundreds to thousands of websites that claim to give you the best advice on how to make money on affiliate marketing.

However, with so much information out there, you may wonder what is and isn’t the best advice to follow.

Here are a few helpful tips to get your affiliate marketing campaign off the ground and making you money:

Above All Else, Do Your Research

A prospective affiliate marketer needs to work on their influential skills – to encourage people to purchase the products they are promoting.

This helps them to gain affiliate commission.

Research thoroughly – not just keywords but on the products and company as well. You always want to reach your target audience.

What will encourage them to buy from you?

What elements are needed for them to want to purchase from you? 

Where will you direct them to buy from you?

This is going to take a lot of work, which is why you need to start slowly to see any kind of results.

Begin with keyword research first to see how customers are finding the product you are offering.

Market Only One Method First to Produce Your Traffic

The worst thing you can do for yourself is to become distracted.

Don’t go searching for all kinds of information, as it can take away what you’re attempting to do.

Work on a single method, continuing to do so until you see results.

When you try more than one method to produce traffic, you actually hurt yourself from being a successful affiliate marketer.

There are all kinds of ways in which to generate traffic such as:

  • Article marketing
  • List building
  • Membership sites
  • Pay-per-click
  • Starting a blog

Focus on one thing first, giving it your all before you branch out to include something else.

And, if one website is telling you, you can make money fast, ignore the advice and find something else to use as a guideline.

Be Dedicated to Earning Profits

The Internet will spread information faster than a virus or fire.

For example, a secret Internet guide promises that writing an article can make you fast money.

However, it’s not much of a secret if thousands of other people are reading that article.

After all, every one of them will write an article to see money rolling in.

You need to have dedication and commitment to focus on one task and earning money from it before you try something else.

If you want to build a list, you need to write your email, create a page and write an article to bring people to the squeeze page.

Wait a while before determining if the method worked or not.

And, if it didn’t you can look for something else to try – perhaps blogging.

Continue the cycle until you find something that does work!

Instead of getting aggravated because you’re not making fast money like you thought, focus on the one method until you know for sure it’s not working for you.

It takes time for things to work as you want.


Affiliate Income

As a marketer, the biggest responsibility you have is to get an idea of the human psychology behind the choices people make.

Start by thinking about the choices you have made.

What has driven your choices?

For instance, did you buy deodorant because there were similar ones on the shelf?

Did you purchase a vehicle because you liked all the safety features it has – such as a backup camera, side-view cameras or the anti-lock brake system? 

If you can figure out what motivates you to buy or not buy something, then you can determine what is and is not influencing your potential customers to purchase your products/services.

Regardless of how well-thought-out your content marketing campaign is, if your target audience doesn’t become motivated to take action by it, then the campaign is not going to have a great appeal to them to do anything. This means no sales for you!

By understanding the basics of human psychology, you can make a more meaningful connection with the target audience and make better decisions on which direction to take your online marketing campaign.

If you’re going to become an influencer marketer, remember that you need to have the following:

Most Value for The Money

Customers typically make choices of services/products based on the utility.

Customers want to get the best service/product for their money, which is why they’ll find products/services that have lasting value.

Generate Social Buzz

A good number of blogging sites will display the current subscriber number near the subscription opt-in box.

The reason for this?

They want to influence others to subscribe to the website.

It’s the same idea of why websites and books include reviews and testimonials.

If they can generate social buzz, it can influence consumers’ decision to do something without them even realizing it.

Present Products to Affect Consumer Choice

According to psychology specialists, how you present your products and statements is known as the framing effect.

And, this framing effect will affect people’s decisions.

Many well-known marketers use absolute numbers because they feel it makes a bigger impact on their consumers.

How many times have you heard a brand say 8 in 10 consumers recommend the product?

It’s much better than saying 80 percent of their customers recommend it.

If you want more clicks that will lead to sales, you need to consider the framing effect.

Remember The Reciprocal Theory

The reciprocal theory can work when it’s been executed perfectly.

Be sure to review social media profiles/pages of those who have thousands of followers and likes, then you can find out how this theory works in their success.

According to the theory, humans are smart and make good choices in the world.

If you begin following 100 new people on Twitter, chances are some will follow you back.

This is known as the reciprocal theory.

If your business is to be successful, you must find influencers with a large following to help generate interest in your business, brand and products/services.

Make sure you take a good look around to find influencers who have a niche in your area or else your marketing campaign will fail before it began again.

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