Chapter 6: What It Takes to Figure Out Your Customers’ Influences Spots

Customers’ Influences Spots
Customers’ Influences Spots

When you can recognize what the core aspects of your marketing campaign is, you will have a good idea of what the customer’s point of view is.

What are the key aspects?

They are anything involving the customer – the person they are talking to, who they are listening to, who they see and who they use.

Every one of them is considered influential points in establishing interest and customer loyalty for a marketing program.

Most companies’ marketing budget and plan offer no real reflection on the customers’ perspective.

A prime example is the separation of the product department and marketing department – something seen in larger corporations.

Should customers interact with the product department, then it stands to reason that product development is an important part of the marketing program.

It’s important to understand that some individuals who work to sell your product are not even working for you in your company.

Look at it through the perspective of the customer, a person who sells, delivers, represents, wholesales or distributes your products is doing marketing. 

Anybody could be a good representation of your brand or product… at least in the mind of the prospective customers.

Of course, you need to be mindful of how they are representing your business and product.

Ask yourself these questions:

If you’re not happy with what you’re getting out of these influencers, you need to find ways in which to cultivate better relationships with them so they can improve customer relations.

You don’t have control over what they do, but you need to give them some clarity of what you expect.

Let influencers know what you expect and provide them with some assistance by way of printed handouts, training and product information that can be handed to your customers.

A Look At The 5 Ps

When you’re talking about marketing, the points of contacts between the people, customers and products and your communications are very important.

After all, the interactions and influencers are an important aspect of your marketing program.

When developing a plan, it’s important to list the influential points. Incorporate the five Ps to have a well-rounded plan.

What are the five Ps?


Find out what your product’s most important elements are and what influence it has on customers and their buying decisions.

What do they think of it?

Be sure to list what the corporeal and incorporeal aspects are that provide both sensible and passionate impressions of the product. 

A few examples include the personality, packaging, the looks and feel of a product, as this could sway a person’s perception of that product.

As with anything, first impressions count.

However, it’s the product’s performance that dictates whether or not someone refers a person to your business or buys from you again.


You want a list of things that have an influence on the perceptions people have.

What is it going to cost your customer to purchase the product and use it?

Price is one of the key things people look for, but remember, it’s not the only one.

Other things that can influence a person into buying or not buying a product is the special offers and discounts.

If there is an extra cost to having to switch from one product to another will affect how someone sees your product.

Boost your chances of a sale and be able to charge more by offering easier, less expensive ways for customers to make the switch from your competitors. 


What can affect how easy or difficult it is for customers to attain your product? When and where can the customers get hold of the products?

If your customers can’t find your product easily, it’s going to affect the bottom line.

Place can be a real factor in whether or not you sell your products.

After all, most folks don’t go searching high and low for something they want.

Instead, they just go for the first available.

It’s not easy to get the right place and timing down but doing so means success.


How will you talk to your customers and prospects about the offer?

Will you use a website, vehicles, direct mail, advertising, etc.?

How are your influencers communicating with your customers?

Are they making use of your marketing program and materials to effectively market your product?

Your influencers can make a good impression on would-be buyers so long as they’re communicating effectively.


This is considered the most important aspect of all Ps, as no marketing plan can be executed if you don’t have them.

Human contact is necessary to ensure the success of your business.

Small businesses may only have a minute number of individuals.

Whatever the case may be, be sure to write it down and determine how everybody is influencing the business.

Are they promoting a positive impression, which is then leading to sales?

How to Establish an Influential Lifestyle and Make It Flourish

There’s a plethora of noise out in society where you must fight to be louder to be heard.

You have to compete with various distractions, social events and more.

You also need to realize what influences people’s decision-making process and the roadblocks that make it harder for you to attain your ultimate goals.

One such goal is to come up with an identity that includes surrounding yourself with leaders.

Use channels that will meet the goals and expectations, and your ability to control the lifestyle you are looking to have.

Bear in mind that you everybody cannot be your friend, so you need to choose a minute few.

Repeat! Only a handful of people need to be included in your friend zone. 

You’ll need to ensure that you can gather all the important information from these individuals – people who are leaders, successful, smart and risk-takers.

With their help, you will find an array of concepts and answers.

Find these leaders of the circle and build a reputable relationship with them as much as possible.

This enables you to expand your leadership circle, finding more to align yourself with.

For instance, you want to find influential individuals of your niche, but don’t have the money to start your business.

This can be difficult. The key is to find these folks and make connections.

Send them emails and call them up.

You want to get their attention.

You are considered a gatekeeper, so you need to stay fresh in their minds.

Be persistent!

You want to be a billboard that they cannot overlook.

Successful, powerful individuals tend to be the most influential, and they surround themselves with people who aspire to be like them.

If you’re all about getting their attention, they’ll see it as a Ducer of urgency and connect with you.

Influential individuals will make noise, and you must be louder to be heard.

It’s the only way you’re going to build the relationship you want.

  • Be loud!
  • Be powerful!
  • Be influential!
  • Be great!

Be all these things to get the life you see for yourself.

And, whatever you do, do not have any doubts about it!

If you’re going to make connections, you must be influential, loud, powerful and great!

That’s all there is to it!

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