Chapter 4: What Can You Do to Be More Influential

To Be More Influential
What Can You Do to Be More Influential

Influential people are usually those most successful in MLM network business or leading money producers.

To be considered a success, you need first to be influential.

You do that, and then people will want to spend money with you.

People are not about doing business with a company; they want to do business with a person.

They want to know what you can do for them.

How can you become more influential, ensuring your business’ success?

  • Decide to be influential
  • Be trustworthy
  • Be hopeful
  • Put your interest behind others
  • Have a personal standard of excellence

Decide To Be Influential

A human being’s most powerful aspect is the ability to choose.

If you want to be influential, you need to decide to be an influencer.

If you want to become a leader, you have to decide to become one.

Here’s an exercise to do – close your eyes and see yourself being a leader.

While you can’t have it just yet, envisioning yourself becoming one is a start.

Of course, you need to know where to go for influencers. 

Whether it’s a Network Marketing business or an MLM one, you can’t be scared to take chances.

Be Trustworthy

When it comes to trust, you can’t just give it and then take it away.

You can’t show customers/clients one side of you and then show them another side, and then they’ll continue to do business with you.

You have to remain trustworthy.

Do you say what you can to make a sale?

Do you tell the truth even if that means you lose out on the sale?

People with integrity and are trustworthy will go much further than those who are wishy-washy.

Be Hopeful

There is a lot of negativity in the world – be a beacon of hope for them!

When people come to you, you want them to feel optimistic and positive.

You can be the light in their storm.

Offer them some support. 

Remember, the present situation you are in will change, and it will change for your customers/clients. 

You want to demonstrate the positivity you have to people you know and don’t know.

Put Your Interest Behind Others

When you’re a leader, you cannot put the interest you have above those of your audience.

Instead, you need to concern yourself with them.

You want to be concerned about how they can make money. 

Without a team, you need to make sure others’ interest – those around you – have their interest met first.

Do this, and they will want to do business with you.

Be sure you’re sincere in this or people will see right through the façade.

Have A Personal Standard of Excellence

While you may not think so, how you look and show yourself plays a role in how people see you.

Therefore, you need to create a personal standard of excellence in every aspect of your life.

Be sure to improve yourself – look nice, smell nice, comb your hair – doing whatever you can to present yourself positively.

Look like you care about yourself. Take care of the things that you have.

All of it will have an impact on how customers/clients see you and if they’ll do business with you or not.

Key Elements That Will Help With Improving Your Communication Skills

When you’re talking to a crowd about an idea or two you have, you need to remember that’s not just what the information is but how you present the information to people.

For instance, be sure you use words that are influential and positive.

This is especially important when you need to maintain the attention of your audience – to motivate them to take action.

Here are some elements that will help you in choosing the most influential words to lead to positive actions:


When it comes to influential words, you want to use adverbs and adjectives, which provide some descriptive flair about what you’re trying to talk about.

This gives you a way to describe something in detail.

For example, your body cream smells nice.

Spruce this sentence up by adding adjectives to it.

The new and improved formula of the face cream has an alluring scent to it.

With the words – alluring, new and improved – you have come up with a sentence that will capture the audience’s attention and make it more likely they’d buy the product.

Produce Awareness

When you want to produce awareness of your company and its products/service, you need to focus on the mental processes.

Use words such as experience, realize and aware that lets consumers know that you’re trying something new out and want them to join you. 

When you produce awareness, the audience knows more information about your business and its services/products will be given.

By using descriptive adjectives, you help improve your advertisements and ensure your audience will still participate thanks to those awareness words.

Set Up A Sequence

When it comes to setting up a sequence, words such as before, during, after and then are put into action.

With a sequence created, you give your audience the chance to follow you.

This provides an opportunity for them, you and the speaker to interact.

This will keep them updated and gives them a chance to participate in the Ducer.

Develop and Foster Connections

Be sure you connect with your audience using words, sentences and paragraphs that connect with each other using words such as among, between and beyond held.

This word can establish some meaningful connections between the sentences.

Using the body cream example from above, you can use link it to another product such as body spray.

When you talk about the soothing effects of your body cream and tie it back to the pleasant scent of the body spray, you can let the customers/clients know that the experience is one like they’ve never had before.

You describe the products and establish a connection between them.

Using words to influence your customers means taking something boring and adding something that will bring them some excitement.

Demonstrate Cause and Effect

It’s important to show clients/customers some cause and effect.

Many times, the conjunctions will work because they demonstrate cause and effect.

For example, words such as like, because and or will work, as they show something happens with something following the actions.

For instance, you could say that the body cream can help reduce stretch marks.

While it may or may not be true, there is a cause by which your body cream can help (an effect).


Now, you need to make commands with your words – these are words that dictate actions like – stop, now and continue, which provides the audience with an expectation of what you’d like to see happen.

The key is to inform your audience and entertain them.

You want them to follow along with you and using command words provides them with an idea of where the audience and how much they are paying attention to you and your message.

The key idea of using influential words is to peak the interests of your audience and get them motivated to do what it is you want them to do.

By using influential words in the right way, you have the information necessary to make that happen.

Be sure to do the following:

  • Effectively describe your product using adverbs and adjectives to give the words more life.
  • Show a cause and effect.
  • Make use of command words.
  • Produce awareness.
  • Establish connections.
  • Set up a sequence for future marketing events.

Do all this, and the chances of your business growing will increase.

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