FBA – A Complete Guide to Understanding FBA to Help You Learn, Sell and Profit

FBA Mind Map
FBA Mind Map

Many people have heard of Amazon FBA, but many don’t know what it stands for and how it can help them improve their online selling.

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, which the company is set up so you could use the Amazon warehouses to store and ship items you sell through the Amazon website. 

It’s a simple but powerful process that ensures your business will grow without spending a lot of money.

Consider this scenario: you’re doing some product sourcing and have several items you’ve picked up – DVDs, books, toys, some home and beauty items, etc.

Most people, by this point, are thinking they want to purchase more stock but lack the room to store it.

This is why Amazon came up with its Amazon FBA program.

You can have a basic Amazon selling or Pro-Merchant account to use the program. 

All you need to do is list items into your selling account and several clicks later, you’ll be given some barcodes to print out.

These barcodes will need to be placed over the item’s original barcode.

You’ll also need to print the packing slips out for each item.

These will go in the box.

You’ll need to set up a pickup time from a carrier, which will depend on two things:

  • Country in which you live.
  • How you pay for it.

The order gets completed, and you wait for it to be picked up.

In a few days, the item is in the Amazon warehouse where it sits while it waits for it to be sold.

You just sit back and make the money.

Amazon FBA will handle all the customer emails, shipping and payments; you just provide them with the stock and earn the cash.

Amazon will charge extra, but the costs are low and the postage savings are amazing.

After all, you’re using the buying power Amazon has and don’t have to contend with any Post Office lines, bubble wraps or boxes.

Amazon FBA handles this all for you.

People also don’t know that Amazon FBA can be used to ship out to other buyers using such platforms as eBay.

Amazon will hold onto the items and send them out when they’re sold.

The cost is minimal and is much cheaper than what you can pull off.

Amazon will have pricing information for all countries – just do a quick Amazon FBA search.

You lose nothing by trying out the program. However, there is a plethora you’ll gain from it.

A Better Understanding of The FBA Program

Have you come across the FBA program on various websites including Amazon and wondered what it was about?

Can you save money by getting involved with the FBA?

Are there any benefits to joining the process?

FBA is a method in which Amazon will keep hold of a seller’s products and will list those items to be sold on the site.

The company will receive payments for every order that’s placed online and then ships out the products to the buyers.

This process makes it easier for stores to increase their sales and bottom line.

It’s not uncommon for some stores to let Amazon do the orders for them.

The goods are sent right to the buyers by sellers who offer the products on Amazon.

Many of these sellers come from other websites like eBay and Etsy.

Many sellers, using the FBA program, have seen a steep increase in the amount of sales they experience.

Perhaps that’s because prospective buyers are under the impression that they are buying from a reputable company and not some individual.

Simply put, purchasing right from Amazon gives the buyer some added trust in the supplier – buying from them again.

Sellers can use the offer to attain an array of other benefits.

As a seller using the service, you don’t need to be concerned with product promotion.

It’s Amazon’s deal to worry about buyers and take care of orders.

You can put your attention on other tasks like getting new products ready to be sold and focusing on other tasks that increase your business’ size and impact.

What Are Some Other Benefits?

As the product owner, you can take a day off here and there without being worried about the business falling apart while you’re gone.

You can take a week off from work and go on a real family vacation.

Turn off the phone and spend time with them.

Amazon, which has your products in their warehouse, will handle the business while you’re away.

Since some people don’t like the idea of dealing with buyer’s one-on-one, the FBA program makes it easier for them to sell their products.

Difficult customers can also be a problem for some sellers, which is what makes the FBA program so nice too.

Amazon will handle everything about these buyers and more.

Fulfillment by Amazon isn’t that difficult to learn and use.

Just go to Amazon’s official website and download the related PDF documents to learn how you can get going.

Within no time, you’ll understand how the system works.

Do you own a store?

Why not let Amazon’s FBA program do the hard work for you while you focus on other business-related aspects?


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