Easy Kindle Publishing Tips Authors Can Implement

Easy Kindle Publishing Tips Authors can Implement

You may think it takes a lot of effort on your part to be a successful self-publisher, but the truth is, it really doesn’t.

Yes, you do have to put some work into it as well as some money, but it’s not as difficult as many people tend to think it is.

The majority of writers know that the effort and hard work put into it will be worth it once the manuscript is ready.

It’s not just the sales that make them happy, but the fact that they were able to finish and publish a book all on their own.

Sometimes, it’s not even about the sales. It’s just the reality of knowing you did it yourself.

When you first start writing, the blank page staring back at your looks intimidating.

Before you give up and stop writing altogether, consider the following tips to motivate you to continue your efforts.

Choose Your Genre

The biggest obstacle for all authors is a genre.

There is so much information about there that can be written about – self-help, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, etc.

How do you know which genre is right for you to write on? 

Instead of focusing on your prospective readers, focus on yourself.

What is it you like to write about?

What kind of topic do you feel comfortable writing about?

The idea is to write about something you enjoy.

If you’re not enjoying it, neither will anyone else. 

That’s a reality!

Admit You’ll Make Mistakes

All authors – even the great ones like Stephen King and J.K. Rowling – make mistakes.

It’s just a step in the writing process.

You are not infallible!

Create your rough draft, and you’ll find that most of what you wrote is eliminated with even better, well-thought-out ideas.

The key to free writing.

This is when you write down everything that comes to mind – be it a character, scenario, sentence, the ending, etc.

There’s no reason to keep it in your head, as you could forget about it.

Write what you want and write whatever it is that comes to mind.

Overcome Your Anxiety of Criticism

A big reason people don’t write is the anxiety they have about being criticized.

When you go the self-publishing route, you’re going to experience both positive and negative reviews.

You’ll need to have a thick skin to cope with it but always listen to the criticism with an open mind.

You may learn something you didn’t know could be improved upon.

Don’t Think So Heavily about the Money

While money is a motivating factor in writing, it shouldn’t be the only reason.

If you do it for money, it could decrease the work’s quality and cause you to follow the trends.

Instead, focus on what you know and write from your heart.

Regardless of what genre you’re writing for, a reader will know if you’re passionate about something.

It shows in your writing, which has the curious to learn more about what you have to offer.

Yes, the tips are fairly basic, but you must have a good foundation to create a great book.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never published a book before or need another perspective about writing, the above tips will help you succeed in your endeavor.

Kindle Publishing Authors Can Create Local Book Promotions

Most authors who release a new book go on tour to promote the book.

A tour involves an array of events such as media interviews, speeches, talks, and signings in many places around the country.

Today, much of these activities take place online, but public speaking is still a primary way to sell books and build a following of fans.

What does this mean for Kindle Publishing authors?

It means that even if you self-publish a book in digital format through the Kindle platform, you could still benefit from the exposure these things have to offer.

How to Create a Kindle-Speaking Tour Yourself

All you have to do is create a local Kindle-speaking tour for yourself.

Talk to your town’s chamber of commerce, as they are always looking for speakers for luncheons and breakfasts.

Some locations have freestanding networking organizations.

Talk to local bankers, real estate agents, or a local business owner, or get in touch with the community development office or Small Business Development Center.

If your book is geared toward a particular niche that has specialized groups, reach out to these entities about speaking to them.

For example, if your book is about gardening, you could talk with garden clubs in your area.

If it’s dealing with politics, consider talking to political organizations.

Look at your local newspaper or do some research online to find an organization that regularly invites speakers to public events.

Write down the list of organizations that would be interested in you coming to speak.

Be sure you call or email all the organizations listed, asking for the speaking coordinator’s name and contact information.

Get this information, then reach out to them and volunteer as a speaker for their next event.

When you do this, be sure you supply them with the following information:

• What you’ll be speaking about
• How it would interest the people in the group
• A description of yourself
• A description of the Kindle e-book

If they’re interested, they’ll set up a time and date for you to speak at the engagement.

You also have the option of using your local public library’s meeting room where speaking engagements are permitted.

You just need to speak with the library’s speaking coordinator to set things up.

You need to introduce yourself, what you’ll be talking about and why it would be beneficial to those in attendance to hear you speak.

You could also reach out to any local business with an in-office conference room if they want to host a small-speaking event that they can invite clients to.

Be sure you detail how helpful your speaking to their clients would be to them.

The e-book doesn’t have to tie right into what the professionals do but does need to impact them in some way.

For example, if you have an e-book about how parents can help children better their study skills, any client they have that is also a parent could benefit from the hosted event.

What Kindle Publishers Should Be Mindful of

You may have heard of a relative who itched to start a business that nearly ended in catastrophe.

They lived by the hair of the chin for six months to a year and we’re always losing money.

The family member put every dime of their savings into the business to make the idea work, but things didn’t pan out as they want.

For them, it just wasn’t meant to be.

They suffered both financially and personally.

The friends and activities they enjoyed suffered tremendously and his business still failed.

The person began to lose weight. And, when all seemed lost, something changed for the better.

The business’ first happy customer came through – who then told their friends about the amazing job and before the relative knew it, more orders were coming in, and profits were increasing.

Just like that, things turned around for the better, and the relative was able to meet all the customers’ needs.

It didn’t take long for the business owner to know that finally the idea came to fruition and would make their money.

It’s a scenario that happens regularly.

What it boils down to is repeated actions will lead to business success. When the first action finally occurs, a ripple effect takes place.

When the same action continues over and over, the business owner will use what they’ve seen as a regular event to up their game.

A person who consistently takes action shows it to others; it will build upon each other and helps to attain the goals that are set forth.

Of course, for success to be had in business, this means repeating the same action over and over that was garnered a success the first time out.

Its why businesses tend to start off slowly, picking up speed with a passage of time and consistency.

Many people are resistant to change in the beginning – it’s normal.

And, people are often encouraged to stay with the norm.

However, by breaking out of the mold and implementing a new action, you can start something new in life.

What does this story have to do with the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform?

Simply put, if the model is something you hold close to your heart, chances are you’ll be successful.

You’ll apply every fiber in your being to seeing it succeed.

Whatever business model you are interested in, you need to have confidence in yourself.

Do that, and you’re bound to see success.