Chapter 1: How Can You Begin Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

How Can You Begin Your Influencer Marketing Campaign
Begin Influencer Marketing Campaign

The first step into beginning an influencer marketing campaign is to know what it is.

This is the kind of marketing that focuses on influencers instead of the target market.

The idea is simple – find individuals who can make an impact on possible buyers and create marketing activities that focus on those influencers.

Influencer material is developed on some kind of advertising evidence where they have a role of possible buyers or a third party.

A third party can be an entity in the supply chain, such as manufacturers, traders, etc.

Or, it can be noted as being influencers who had value.

Social networking is where the world has gone to.

Consumers will watch other consumers learn about a product/service.

It’s not the same as before where consumers trusted one another.

One such consumer is the personalities on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The idea behind social networking has helped to bring life back to the online community, which has also become an effective marketing tool to help international brands attain goals they set forth.

The use of celebrities can help businesses with their brand, promoting it as the best thing to happen since white bread.

For this reason, many companies have begun using social networks’ authority over traditional advertising means.

That’s why Influencer Marketing may be seen as advertising’s next huge success!

Why is that?

Influencer Marketing Can Be Powerful Advertising for Businesses

There are several ways in which to boost company sales.

However, nothing has been shown to be as successful or influential as Influencer Marketing.

According to research, consumer-to-consumer marketing produces more sales, and any paid advertising can do.

This is a demonstration of influential marketing’s power in offering brands the chance to make use of word-of-mouth – to use influencers to help them spread the word about their business and its services/products.

Influencer Marketing Gains Steam Thanks to Social Media

With consumers all about social media, this is the right time for businesses to make use of it.

When it comes to social media, it’s not just a replacement for conventional media.

In the past, consumers would make purchases based on what they have seen or heard.

Consumers use social media to connect with consumers, talking to them about their experience and the product/service.

Using social networks has grown significantly across gender and age groups.

Influencers talk to consumers by way of the platforms, which means creating an influencer marketing campaign is an essential aspect of a marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing Better Than Paid Ads

People use ad-blocking apps to keep paid ads from popping up on their screens.

Thus, if you’re using paid advertising, there is a good chance that your target audience isn’t even seeing them.

This is why Internet marketers need to change their advertising tactics.

With the help of influencers, this can happen.

Consumers trust influencers and the recommendations they make.

Therefore, most of the marketing you do needs to include influencers.

Positively Affects Business Performance

Influencer marketing can play a positive role in your business’s overall performance, especially if used in conjunction with email marketing (noted in a later chapter).

The likelihood of your investors already using it means you don’t need to bypass the opportunity yourself. Influencers have a real impact on consumers and can affect whether or not your business is successful.

The reality is that the digital world isn’t the same as the rest of the world.

Many people are using the power of Influencer Marketing because of how effective it is and its high return on investment rate.

The power social media has – from shares to likes – can garner your significant success in an advertising campaign.

This is the time – now more than ever – that you must harness the power influencer marketing can have for your company.

6 Popular Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Connect with Your Target Audience

Many marketers have been looking for ways in which to connect with the audience in a more effective manner.

It’s quite clear that most consumers will trust co-consumers about a brand.

Thus, the real power lies with customers, and it is why brands are changing up with marketing techniques to ensure a better experience for the audience.

The idea behind Influencer Marketing has been slow, but it’s slowly catching on.

Most companies and brands are focused on investing in their target audience – to build a real relationship with the influencers.

This is something that’s not seen in conventional marketing.

Results can be seen by the number of brand loyalists – not by money.

However, success isn’t as attainable as one would like if there is no money to back things up.

As a business, you want to spend both money and time on a marketing strategy that will be successful and will lead to trust and money. 

Without putting the time and money into the strategy, you will not see the success you are hoping for.

Marketing takes both times and focus.

Now, there’s no reason to focus on tasks such as influencer relationships and managing campaigns, but it is something to be mindful of.

The key to marketing is choosing the right individuals to work with, watch campaigns and measure the success (or failure).

Remember though, failure will motivate you to work even harder to attain success.

There is no reason to spend a good chunk of time on doing several tasks – as software is available to handle this.

Accounting tools provide you with more time to focus on money-making tasks

And, it stands to reason that Influencer Marketing platforms can help you with your campaigns.

These platforms alleviate the time it tasks to address administrative duties that can hinder you from attaining your objectives and goals.

If you have never worked in the Influencer Marketing field before, you need to understand that several apps can help you to slowly achieve success as an influencer while also alleviating the tasks you need to contend with.

These apps can help you create successful campaigns without too much of a headache!


In September 2015, TapInfluence created TapFusion (, which is automation software that is a huge database of influencers.

The company designates the software as being an Enterprise’s answer with customers such as The Gap, Volvo, and Target.

Companies and agencies can look through the exhaustive list of influencers to find the ones they want to work with.

They will dictate what the campaign will look like when it’s ready for launch.

When it’s life, the software obtains important information to put into its analytics engine.

TapFusion can be useful for larger corporations, but not ideal for small businesses, agencies, or entrepreneurs, as it takes a $25,000 investment every quarter to use its customer enterprise solutions.

If your budget can handle the requirement, then TapFusion may be just right for your campaign.


Not really considered a software platform, but rather an agency-like platform that brings brands together with influencers. 

The software is available anytime companies want to work with influencers, and the technology was created to represent influencers, which includes more than 20,000 social media stars.

These individuals have a large following and have shown consistent engagement with their audience plus they have a loyal audience.

This is one important aspect of becoming a Speakr influencer.

They must also be an ambassador in their niche.

Speakr provides brands with the chance to connect with a plethora of individuals where you can create content for them to see.

This is not about potential; it’s about results!

Some of its big-name users include Disney, Microsoft, Nissan, Sony, Universal Studios, and Verizon.


When you’re dealing with an influencer marketing platform, you want one that provides you with a plethora of influencers and a deep analytics engine.

The platform on Traackr puts attention on Influencer Relationship Management, as most companies understand that trust is the key to influencer marketing.

The key focus for brand success is to earn permanent influence.

Traacker gives brands an opportunity to engage with influencers and the audience to promote some familiarity and establish trust. 

Some of the more notable names using Traackr include Forbes, HP, Intel, and Travelocity.


The Revfluence platform is designated as a self-service platform, with more than 15,000 influencers.

The platform is ideal for brands and agencies looking to develop an at-home marketing campaign.

Revfluence focuses on the development of content with its Creator Collaboration Toolkit – a platform designed to do several things:

  • Make it easier to work with influencers.
  • Make it easy to develop and manage content with its built-in tools.
  • Keep track of the progress of each campaign.
  • Keep an eye on the engagement of audiences.

The brands associated with this platform include Birchbox, Demalogica, Quest Nutrition, and Scopely.


NeoReach is a tiny startup that is working hard to identify itself to the public.

One claim they’re making to differential themselves is that the platform is a Self-Service Influencer Marketing Service.

They provide an area for Managed Campaigns, which lets them do the desi and run full campaigns for clients.

All clients need to do is check the dashboard to see what’s going on with the campaigns.


A relatively new platform, Socialbook, is designed to assist influencers with insights. It’s the first real-time influencer performance analytical engine.

It’s the kind of platform that lets influencers gauge their performance.

It works by adding in the influencer’s username and URL, which the program uses to start producing demographics.

A report is generated for the influencer.