Chapter 5: How You Can Be Influential with Your Article Writing

Influential Article Writing
How You Can Be Influential With Your Article Writing

A way to build trust between a reader and you is to write an influential article.

You want to create an article that your reader will want to read over and over – something that provides them something of value and is educational. You want one that gives them belief. 

When you’re going to write articles, there are a few things to keep in mind.

By remembering them, you can write influential content that will have your readers craving more.

What Is Influential Article Writing?

A well-thought-out and written article can produce an influence on the actions of others. 

The reader ought to take the message with them as they carry on with their day.

It doesn’t Ducer if they’re looking for information, want to buy something or are just looking; there is a common link between the writing and the site.

A well-written, professional article can influence thousands of people with the publicity surrounding the topic and if the article is something they can understand.

How can you ensure the influence is put into words?

There are all kinds of writing and elements that can generate influence.

By using some simple but compelling words, a writer can produce an influential effect.

This may be a bit confusing, and that’s fine.

Just remember one thing – influential articles have some primary common factors.

Tips to Creating Intriguing Content for Your Readers

Write Articles Like You’re Writing to a Friend

Consider for a minute that you’re hanging out with your best friend and talking about something you are both passionate about.

When writing the article, be sure to use the words “you” and “your” – or second person writing.

Avoid third person words such as “we”, “us”, “they” or “one” because these are considered fluff words and are not needed.

A reader needs to be able to feel that you were writing to them exactly.

The article should make them feel as if they can trust you.

When readers can trust what you have to tell them, they’ll come back to you for additional information.

Be Concise with Your Article

Once you’ve begun writing the article, be sure that every point is written in a clear and concise manner.

You want the article to have compelling text.

If you can get to the point in four sentences or less, you can see a notable difference in your audience’s engagement.

The key is to offer a plethora of features and advantages your readers can take away.

Add One Informative Point to Your Article

When you’re in the midst of writing the article, you want to include at minimum one-point readers will find worthwhile to know and want to learn more about.

This is doable by constantly learning about a topic yourself.

You can find information on the Internet, reading what other people have to say about it. 

You can check out books and seminars that experts have written or held.

If you can provide readers with original yet informative content, then the writing you offer will be considered influential.

Influential articles ensure readers will click links strategically placed at the bottom of the article.

The more clicks on the link, the more website traffic you get back to the website.

The more traffic on the site, the higher the chance of selling your services/products.

Remember, the primary goal you have is to make money through your website.

Before you write out an article, sit down and really contemplate what you have to offer readers.

What kind of influential information can you provide to them that gets them to become subscribers and buyers?

Every influential article should be able to demonstrate something clearly and have a clear meaning to it.

This ensures the reader isn’t left to wonder or find a hidden meaning to the article.

You can do this by pointing out at least three things in the article that demonstrates what that message is.

If you can help further an article’s viewpoint, you can reiterate the purpose behind what the author is trying to convey.

Be sure to include some validation into the article, which is done by offering facts and giving expert information that readers can use to formulate their own conclusion and observations.

In order to have this influence, the material needs to be written in such a way that a reader feels something positive out of it.

Readers who feel an article projects their own feelings, they’ll be influenced to take action by what they have read.

This is what you’re aiming for!

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