Chapter 3: Social Media Influence Marketing Can Be A Powerful Tool In Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Influence Marketing
Social Media Influence Marketing

Social media influence marketing tactics are widely accepted, as they can help businesses in a multitude of ways.

The key behind social media influence marketing is much more than what people see it as – brand awareness.

A number of companies will hire the services of a specialized digital marketing agency to take care of the different mediums.

Social media influence marketing can be extremely lucrative for companies.

What are some worthwhile benefits of this type of advertising medium?

Bring Life to Your Brand

With a website, your brand exists.

However, it’s going to be social media marketing that brings it life. 

With a social media marketing campaign, the brand will continue to thrive because people are looking for you on the various platforms and are able to find you. 

Without this tool, your business could fail before it even begins.

Boost Customer Inquiries

Every business can benefit from regular customer inquiries, as it can help to foster more leads.

People use social media to learn more about a company – typically in the comment section or inbox.

If you ignore those inquiries, consumers see it as a bad service.

Share Related Influential Material

All social media platforms are big enough to share the content of other groups. Be sure to share content that’s relevant to your own market niche.

This provides you with ample opportunity to establish a connection with people – this is relevant to anybody, such as a possible customer/client.

Decreases Marketing Content

With social media marketing is considered the best marketing tool businesses can use, that means it’s beneficial to entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

It doesn’t demand upfront monetary cost nor a lot of money to effectively promote your business to your target audience. 

In many cases, companies will employ a digital marketing firm to handle this task for them.

Engage With Clients/Customers

When you want to engage with your customers/clients, social media is the key way to do so.

If you positively engage with your audience, it can garner new leads and expand your business.

It also improves the customer experience.

After all, people love to connect with brands they have a desire to do business with. It’s the least expensive way in which to gain customers/clients.

As you see, there are a plethora of benefits to being on a social media platform.

This is a very influential marketing tool that will improve the image of a brand. It can lead to more customers for your business.

If you need help in handling your social media presence, hire a PR firm to take care of every social media platform you are on and give you the results you want to see for your company.

Does Your Social Media Influence Marketing Boil Down on Social Ranking?

The biggest challenge for all companies using social media is the return on investment (or any return on investment).

The issue isn’t the lack of a high return but the non-existence of it.

There’s no way to track what the return on investment is.

You may have 500 Facebook friends and 1,500 friends on Twitter, but do you see that as a return on investment?

The real question is… are you benefiting from these at all?

You may be branding your company and spreading word about your business, but if no money is coming in, does it Ducer? 

Those are the questions you need to ask yourself when you’re thinking about using social media as a primary way in which to influence a person’s behavior.

With social media, ranking is the end-all, be-all:

  • How many followers on Twitter you have?
  • How many contacts on LinkedIn you got?
  • How many mentions have been noted about your company?

This can help win popularity contests, but when it comes to a return on investment, where do you see it?

Do you have any real influence going for you?

This is the real challenge!

The reality is that ranking can be considered a number only.

For example, Suzy Q is a blogger with a huge Twitter following on a social butterfly on multiple social media platforms.

She has a lot of friends, but could she be regarded as a social media influencer.

You can’t answer that with any clarity.

And, if she happens to be an influencer, it’s hard to know just how influential she really is. 


Anybody can take top spot for popularity, but garnering influence over those followers is far more difficult, and not everybody has the power behind them to do so.

Social media ranking is a number, but it’s not the numbers you want.

You want numbers that turn into money, and until this happens, the challenge on getting a return on investment continues to allude you and your business.

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