WP Training Kit

WP Training Mind Map

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: WordPress – An Overview

  • What is WordPress?
  • What is Content Management System?
  • How does WordPress work?
  • Features of WordPress
  • The Benefits of Using WordPress
  • WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

Chapter 3: How to Create and Maintain a WP Site?

  • How to Create a WP Site?
  • How to Maintain a WordPress Website?

Chapter 4: WP Admin Area – Introduction to WP Dashboard

  • What is the WordPress Dashboard?
  • WordPress Dashboard Screen Areas
  • WP Admin Area: Toolbar
  • WordPress Admin Area: Navigation Menu

Chapter 5: WP Plug-ins – Introduction & Installation

  • WordPress Plug-ins
  • How to Install a WordPress Plugin – Step by Step for Beginners
  • Best WordPress Plugins for Your Site

Chapter 6: What, Why, & Hows of WP Salts & Security Keys

  • What Are WordPress Security Keys & Salts?
  • How Does WordPress Salts and Security Keys Work?
  • How to Use WordPress Security Keys and Salts?

Chapter 7: Difference Between Posts vs. Pages in WP

  • What are Posts in WordPress?
  • What are Pages in WordPress?
  • When to Use WordPress Pages
  • When to Use WordPress Posts
  • Features of Both WordPress Pages & Posts
  • WordPress Pages vs. Posts (Key Differences)

Chapter 8: Deploying security measures in WordPress

  • Basics of WordPress Security
  • WordPress Security in Easy Steps (No Coding)
  • WordPress Security for DIY Users

Chapter 9: Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders

  • Why Use a Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress?
  • Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders

Chapter 10: What are the Limitations of WordPress.com?

Chapter 11: Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

Chapter 12: Conclusion