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Our standard Terms & Conditions

This page outlines the Terms of Service for our website (ducit.vn) and any other sites owned and operated by us. We also give a summary of our terms of business, however the latter is neither exhaustive nor complete and a full copy will be provided to you along with your contract for any given engagement. If you are concerned over how we use your information, please see the ducit.vn Privacy Policy.

Duc IT Website Terms of Use

  • By using our website, you are accepting these terms of service
  • We take no responsibility for any external links (e.g. those pointing to sites not wholly hosted and/or owned by ourselves)
  • All material published within the pages of this site (including downloadable content) is the property of Duc IT Ltd (unless otherwise indicated) and may not be reproduced, stored or copied without our express written permission
  • In accordance with the above, if you choose to submit a comment against one of our news items, blog posts or articles, we reserve the right to edit and reproduce your comments as we see fit
  • Where such material contains suggestions, advice or other information, no warranty is supplied and we can accept no responsibility for any damages or loss incurred from the use (or misuse) of any features, information or other content served from this website

Duc IT Terms & Conditions

  • Specific terms and conditions apply to several of the services we offer (including web hosting, mail hosting and Cloudeware services). These are available upon request and will be provided to you prior to commencement of any agreements.
  • We operate under a standard “supplier agreement” for most bespoke work undertaken. A customised copy of this document will be provided for your review prior to commencement of any works.
  • By default, when undertaking web-based projects, we support the following web browsers. Where no version is specified, we support the latest version, tested on Windows 7.
    • Internet Explorer (7 and later)
    • FireFox (8 and later)
    • Opera
    • Safari
    • Chrome

    Support for other browsers (and platforms) is available upon request.

  • We do not typically test projects on mobile platforms or on platforms other than PC/Windows unless a specific requirement is raised as part of the project brief, however we are happy to work with our clients should they have other requirements.
  • Where possible a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) version of the project will be made available for sign-off prior to live release and the acceptance of this test version forms “completion” of the project under our standard terms. This facilitates an improved testing and fault resolution process and helps us work with our clients to improve the quality of the service which they receive.