Selling Physical Products on Amazon Platform

Selling Physical Products on Amazon Platform
Selling Physical Products on Amazon

You have three ways in which you can sell your physical goods on Amazon.

You have three options for selling physical products through Amazon:

  • Selling another person’s product and shipping them yourself.
  • Selling another person’s products and allowing Amazon to ship the products.
  • Selling your own products through Amazon and allowing the site to ship them out.

The first method is known as merchant filled.

This is the simplest and least expensive way to get your business going. However, it can be a lot of work.

You must personally list the products on the site.

When a person purchases them, you are responsible for fulfilling the orders.

You must ensure they ship out in a timely manner.

You have to sell items you have in your home with this method.

However, the other two options are known as Fulfillment by Amazon.

With the FBA option, you can sell another person’s product.

You can purchase items from a store or through an online site to sell on Amazon.

You just need to put a unique UPC label, repack it, generate a listing and ship it to the Amazon warehouse for storage until a buyer purchases it.

You can download smartphone apps that allow you to scan a product to learn if buying it will lead to a profit. 

You can always find good deals and sell them at a higher price through FBA.

Many of the items in the FBA program are Amazon Prime eligible.

A person with Amazon Prime can receive their package within two days.

There are millions of people who are willing to pay more for a product to get the two-day free shipping service.

The other way to use FBA is to sell products you’ve made yourself.

You can think up of a product and get in touch with a private label manufacturer, develop a brand and sell the product.

While this is an extremely lucrative option, it does mean more money at the start.

It’s also a bit risky since you don’t have to order your inventory – there’s no guarantee that someone will buy what you have to offer.

Selling on Amazon can be done, ensuring you earn a little extra money or making it a full-time gig.

If you want to begin an Internet business or add some passive income to your household, Amazon’s FBA program may be just what you need.

3 Simple Steps to Selling Successfully on Amazon

3 Simple Steps to Selling Successfully on Amazon

Amazon selling is quite easy to do.

You may already have a few items in your home that you can get rid of.

List those items and watch them leave home.

You’ll wonder why you wasted your time not doing this before.

If there’s nothing you want to part with in the home, consider checking out the local thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales or online Facebook “For Sale” sites to get some good ideas for items to sell.

Amazon selling isn’t hard to do, and it’s like other e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Etsy.

You need to buy low and sell high to make a profit.

Many novice sellers wonder just how much money they should be making.

The answer to that is whatever you feel is best for you.

You want to make a profit, so you want to sell a product at a good price that will cover your costs and give you some return on investment.

You can make a lot of money off one item or sell multiple items and make a minute amount off each one.

The choice is yours!

How Do You Sell On Amazon?

First, you need to open an Amazon seller account.

You can start out with a basic account, and after you’ve sold 40 items in a month, you can change it to a pro-seller account.

The break-even number is 40 items.

It’s really simple to open your account.

If you’ve got a buying account, you can create your selling account fairly quickly.

Second, you need to find items to sell.

Consider looking on eBay to see what is being offered.

Are there any books, CDs or DVDs that you can buy for cheap and sell at a good price?

What do you have around your house that you can sell and profit off of?

If you sell toys, they should be new or collectibles.

Third, you need to start listing like crazy.

There are several ways in which to list your items on Amazon.

The quickest way, however, is to go to Amazon’s item page and hit the “Sell Yours Here” button.

You click on it, and you’ll be asked for details of the item.

You’ll also need to include the price you’d like to sell it for.

The system will let you know how much money you’ll end up getting.

If you’re fine with this, click once more and the item will be listed on the site.

Is it really that simple? It is!

What Kinds of Products Can Be Sold Through Amazon

Kinds of Products Can Be Sold Through Amazon

Like any retail company, the first step to selling successfully on Amazon is choosing your products to sell.

Amazon has categories for most everything you could want to buy.

There are three kinds of products that can be sold on Amazon.

How do you know which one is the best one for you to sell?

Products You’ve Made Yourself – If you have an idea for a great product, you could potentially fill a niche.

If there’s little competition in this area, you could make a huge profit.

Of course, being original can be hard to do.

Wholesaler Products – You could go with the traditional retail business models and buy products from manufacturers or wholesalers, offering them for more on Amazon.

However, if you ship the stock to your home, you need to buy a plethora of it beforehand.

If you use this tactic, you need to consider drop shipping where your stock is sent right to the wholesaler.

Used Goods – You can offer used DVDs and secondhand books, making a good living reselling them.

A person who searches for your particular products will see that you offer a reasonably priced version of it but used.

The type of product you offer will depend on three things:

  • Your goals.
  • Your skills.
  • Product types you can access.

This will help you to decide which products you can offer to potential buyers so that you can actually promote the business and make yourself a profit. 

For example, Tedric P. was able to begin his Amazon selling career by offering video games and consoles he’d purchase from high street retailers that were closing their doors.

His products covered many categories, and he is now earning 30 percent more than the full-time job he has.

What You Need to Sell Books Through Amazon

What You Need to Sell Books Through Amazon

Some people assume that selling on Amazon’s Marketplace is hard to do.

However, did you know that already have a plethora of items you can sell in your home?

If money seems a bit tight, purchase minute quantities at a time to help you get started – tape, bubble wrap, envelopes, etc.

After you’ve made some money, you can buy in bulk to save yourself even more money later on.

If you decide to sell books on the Marketplace, here are a few things you need to be successful:

  • Internet-Connected Computer – You’ll need a computer to access the Internet, enabling you to research the different book prices, list your books for sale and read email notifications.
  • Envelopes – You’ll need large manila envelopes to ship your books to customers.
  • Bubble Wrap – You need to protect the books from possible damage during shipping. Consider buying a small roll of bubble wrap at a discount store. While you could buy bubble wrap envelopes, they tend to cost more.
  • USPS Confirmation Delivery Slips – You can find these for free at a local Post Office. You can get a stack of 100 to start you off with.
  • Pencils with Erasers – Many thrift shops and libraries will mark the price they’re selling a book for. Thus, you’ll need to erase the price you paid because you don’t want your customers knowing how much profit you actually made off of them.
  • Black Ink Pens – Be sure you have multiple black ink pens for your addressing packages, shipping labels, Delivery Confirmation, etc.
  • Scissors – You may need to trim up packages or packing protectors to support paperbacks and booklets. You may also need to cut the bubble wrap to protect the books while they’re being shipped.
  • File Folder – Use old file folders you don’t need or want to cut them into two pieces – one to protect the back of the book and the other for the front. This provides additional protection for your books.
  • Shipping Tape – You should have two to three rolls of clear tape and a tape gun. Purchase smaller plastic tape dispenser, which cost around $3, if you are low on money.
  • Cleaning Supplies – These items are already in your kitchen – warm water, small clean brush and paper towels. Cleaning sprays should not be used to remove stains from dust covers and books. A minute amount of water on a paper towel across a dust cover will bring back the shine the dust cover once had.
  • Bookshelves – The business inventory will take up a plethora of room, which means you need to spare bedroom or a dry, cool location in the home. The books should be kept away from windows to keep sweat from damaging them.
  • Work Table – While a dining room table will do just fine, it’s best to set up a designated work table such as a long folding table that you can store in a closet when you’re not using it.
  • Smartphone – While this isn’t essential to your business, it can help you with comparing prices when you’re out and about looking for good deals. You can know for sure if the book you’re looking at is a good deal or not.
  • Account Setup – You will need a business checking account, so your book sale payments can be direct deposited. Get a free debit or bank card to go along with the account, as you’re not going to be writing checks very often.
  • Credit Card – Amazon will need a credit card to confirm the account the day you get it all set up. You won’t be charged afterward.
  • Valid Phone Number – Amazon will need a cell or home phone number so that it can send you a confirmation text message to confirm the identity during a setup. This information will not be made available unless you would like it to be. (It’s best not to publish your phone number, as customers will contact you through email.)
  • Valid Email Address – You’ll need to complete your account with an email address. The system will notify you of when a book has been purchased. Consider a Gmail account, which allows you to separate your business from your private emails.

It’s always a good idea to talk to your city’s zoning department to be sure you don’t need a business license to operate your “online” business.

You’re not likely to have customers stop by or a supplier sales rep visiting you, but the city may demand that your business needs to have a license to operate legally.

Most of your neighbors may not even know that you’re the owner of a home business.

Everything noted above is everything you need to begin selling your used books through the popular website.

Now, you need to start the selling process.

Be sure to purchase the right type of books to make some good money.

With a little time and negotiation, you can buy books in very good condition at a reasonable price and sell them for more.

It will take some time to get your business going, but with the above tools on hand, you can do more in less time and make a good profit. 

Selling Food through Amazon
Selling Food through Amazon

Selling Food Through Amazon

Every business owner wants their company to grow – the Internet makes it easier to sell products to people all around the world.

If your business deals with food, you may be wondering if it’s possible to sell your food through Amazon.

Selling Food Through Amazon’s Grocery and Gourmet Food Section

The great thing about Amazon is that you can sell any kind of food.

Amazon has a section for Grocery and Gourmet Food, which allows you to sell your food products to customers all around the world.

Most small and large food companies use Amazon to promote their products and expand their reach.

The biggest advantage of selling your food products on Amazon is the option to use Amazon’s marketing and promotional tools at a much expensive rate than you see in traditional advertising and marketing. 

Amazon provides both shipping and fulfillment services, which means selling food through Amazon’s FBA service helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to reach out to customers who really want your product but cannot access them locally.

Working with Amazon doesn’t come with a lot of risks, but people are under the impression that they need to lower their prices to sell successfully on the site.

People also think they must have a certain inventory level to be successful.

This is also a fallacy.

Amazon is not the same as a physical grocery store – you don’t have to worry about restocking the shelves. 

You do have out of stock and shortage options in the Amazon system.

What to Know About Selling Food Through Amazon

When selling food through Fulfillment by Amazon, the website’s staff will take care of everything to ensure your food products reaches the customers in the best quality possible.

They will take care of customer support, communications and refunds.

This allows you to increase your sales three times faster than previously.

Amazon will subtract the fees in the FBA, but the products sell quicker than you had before.

Therefore, the fees FBA deducts are offset by the prices of your delivery goods. 

You save yourself a lot of time to do other tasks because the FBA program will take care of all the products you need to ship out.

Is It Possible To Sell Frozen Food Through Amazon?

Amazon does allow sellers to offer frozen food as well.

When buyers are looking for a particular frozen product, you can make it easy for them to buy from you.

Amazon is a wonderful platform to sell frozen products and earn more than money than you would in a traditional setting.

If you operate a small grocery store and want to expand your reach beyond the local market, Amazon makes the option worthwhile. You can take advantage of the free one-month subscription to sell your frozen foods online.