Starting an Amazon Business

Why Should You Consider Starting An Amazon Business

Starting an Amazon Business
Starting an Amazon Business

When it comes to selling products in the retail market, you have to understand your customers and what they’re looking for when you’re buying something to sell to them.

All buyers are looking for high-quality products to spend their money – high quality but low priced.

If you can provide them with something unique or provide them with a low-priced product in an established market, you can garner a plethora of interest in your company.

Interest will only turn to revenue when you have confidence in the products you have to sell and are confident in your prospective buyers.

You also need to be concerned with establishing trust, which goes far beyond stolen credit cards or personal information and other online security measures.

You want them to see that you provide them with high-quality products, that you package very well to ensure they stay safe during shipping and that you send them out quickly and on-time.

You also want to be sure they see that you offer amazing customer service.

Why is Amazon so good?

It’s because this retailer has been able to establish trust with its customers.

If you sell on Amazon, your prospective buyers will trust you as well.

How Does The Selling Process On Amazon Work?

How Amazon Selling Works
How Amazon Selling Works

If you have yet to set up a seller account, you need to do this.

There are two kinds of accounts you can go with – Basic or Pro.

Basic Seller Account – This account type is free and is promoted to people who don’t sell more than 40 items in a month.

You can list the items in 20 various categories.

You will pay a fee for every item you sell.

You’re only allowed to sell items that are already listed on Amazon for sale.

Pro Seller Account – If you succeed in your business, you can set up a Pro Seller account, which comes with a monthly fee.

You should also set it up if you have unique items you want to sell.

You have 25 categories you can list your items in.

Check out to search for all the different categories they have to offer.

How to Get Started With Fulfillment By Amazon

How to Get Started with FBA
How to Get Started with FBA

The FBA program by Amazon is similar to eBay but is far better.

For the longest time, eBay was the only place in which people could sell things through the Internet.

While eBay is wonderful, it takes a plethora of work to pull off successfully – listing, sourcing, customer support, shipping and so much more.

If you want to go beyond eBay though, you have to consider the Fulfillment By Amazon program.

The FBA company is designed to store and ship client products.

It’s a unique service Amazon provides because it’s a marketplace for these items, which means they have a vested interest in seeing items sell.

The great thing about FBA is that these items qualify for the shipping promotions that Amazon offers such as Amazon Prime and Free Super Saver Shipping.

People signed up for Amazon Prime get free two-day shipping, meaning they can spend money on items like towels, coffee, socks, tea and other products.

They tend to spend more money with Amazon because they trust the company.

This is wonderful for sellers, as it means they’ll buy more and you’ll sell more.

There’s little doubt on how powerful Amazon is as internet commerce, ensuring their standards are quite high for customers, owners and vendors.

To them, customer service is an important part of any business. It’s why many people are using the Fulfillment by Amazon service.

You don’t have to sell to customers directly anymore nor handle the customer service after the sale has taken place.

The only thing you need to do is keep sending products to Amazon for them to sell and they handle everything else.

What do you need to do to get started with the Amazon FBA program?

Open an Amazon Account – If you’ve never bought or sold anything on Amazon, you need to set up an account.

All you have to do is go to Amazon’s website and hit the “Selling on Amazon” link, which can be found on the bottom of all its pages.

Set Your Amazon Account Up – After you created your Amazon selling account, reach out to the Amazon customer service representatives to set up the FBA account.

With the assistance of FBA representatives, you can address any potential problems later on.

They will help you with the first shipment.

Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon Helps Your Business to Grow

Grow Business with FBA
Grow Business with FBA

This program is a great way for small business owners and individuals to reach out to a larger market.

Its scalability is what makes the program so worthwhile.

Even if you’re a small business, with the FBA program, you can compete with the established sellers.

Small businesses don’t have a lot of storage space or time management to manufacture, list, sell and ship their orders.

With the FBA program, you can fulfill big and small orders, meaning a small company can be just as successful as a large company that uses the fulfillment program.

With Fulfillment by Amazon, you can efficiently and effectively handle the increase in volume while doing inventory management and spending.

This decreases the competitive advantage bigger sellers often have, meaning you have a real shot to make a profit and growth like you want.

You only need to access products of your choosing. Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program offers a whole new income stream that you can use to grow your business.

There are more than 65 fulfillment centers across the U.S., meaning there is plenty of staff that will handle your business’ customer service, order processing and shipping. 

What are some of the primary benefits seen with this program?

  • You have millions and millions of Amazon customers looking at your products.
  • On and off Amazon scale order handling and logistics.
  • Sell products worldwide using the FBA export program to access these customers at no cost.
  • FBA includes an optional program called Multi-Channel Fulfillment, giving you leverage to the company’s best fulfillment centers for all off-Amazon orders.
  • You can have a vacation and fulfill orders while away, because Amazon FBA program handles it all.
  • The FBA program can help you increase your revenues by 45 percent.
  • Amazon’s FBA program will improve your overall sales and ensure customers are happy, giving you time and energy to focus on other aspects of your business.

What to Know About Amazon Prime

In 2005, Amazon started its Amazon Prime service.

In 2009, there were two million members.

By 2014, that number increased to more than 20 million.

There is a 20 percent increase year after year in Prime subscribers.

Still, Prime only represents six percent of the website’s customers.

Prime customers tend to spend 140 percent more than non-Prime customers.

Nearly half of all customers have never bought from a third-party vendor.