How to Make Money Through The Kindle

Thanks to Kindle’s self-publishing platform, e-book writers have new ways to earn revenue on the Internet.

The Amazon electronic e-book reader is one of the most popular ways a person can read an e-book, which is why the KDP is one option for writers to take advantage of.

There are several easy ways that you can make money through Kindle DIY publishing.

There are several general tips that will improve your book’s popularity and increase your revenue, but the most important aspect of the Kindle DIY publishing is that you need a product that will stand out.

If you’re going to make money through the Kindle self-publishing method, you need to create an amazing e-book.

People who love to buy e-books have an array of choices at their disposal.

You need to develop a well-thought-out, well-written, professional e-book that gets noticed and is something readers would want.

The content of your e-book should be centered on something you know about (things you enjoy).

In the first few pages, the skills you have will be obvious.

If you lack the skills you’re talking about, it’ll be difficult to write the topic and readers will notice this.

Even if a topic will make you money, don’t embark on anything that you lack prior knowledge on.

Before you publish your e-book through the self-publishing tool, make sure the e-book is handed over to an editing expert to review it.

If you’re going to make a profit from your e-book, this is a necessity.

Do not trust your own eyes, as you may find mistakes later on that you never saw before.  

Come Up With an Eye-Fetching Picture for Your Cover

When it comes to Amazon shoppers, you have mere seconds to impress them.

If you have a great e-book cover and well-written title, you’ll get noticed.

The cover and title are your chances in capturing an audience’s attention so you can produce an income. 

One of the first things buyers notice is the cover design.

Does it look professional?

Is it relevant to the e-book?

How interesting is it?

People make buying decisions on visuals.

It’s great to have your own cover, but you should have some photo editing skills to boot.

Make sure you use only high-quality pictures and a good typeface to create an appealing cover.

The book’s write-up should entail the main points of the book.

If you can add in some positive reviews, this will aid in the credibility department and boost the number of people who decide to buy your book.

Send Traffic to a Webpage

If you want to see income made through the Kindle publishing tool, you must do some marketing and advertising – and a lot of it!

The Internet provides people with ample, low-cost publicity options.

Use these options to move traffic to the Amazon e-book description webpage.

Use social networks like Twitter and Facebook to promote your e-book.

You can create a website and blog, dedicating the themes to what you talk about in the e-book. 

For your e-mail signature, add a hyperlink to the Amazon URL.

If you have a business card, be sure you add the Amazon URL to it. 

Any marketing opportunity, when used properly, can generate profits and improve the chances of success for your Kindle e-book.

How You Can Make Money Through The Kindle Publishing Platform

Many authors attempt to use the Amazon Kindle publishing platform only to feel disappointment that they’ve only made a minute number of sales in the first couple of weeks.

While it’s great to write and make money on the Kindle Publishing platform, you have to learn how to use it for you to be successful.

Regardless of what you may think, it’s not just the writing you have to be concerned about.

You also have the e-book editing and promoting to contend with. 

The following tips can help you establish yourself as a popular author and earn revenue through the Kindle Publishing platform.

Research to Find the Hottest Topics

Before you begin writing for Amazon, you should do some research on the best-selling books – be it Kindle format or printed.

To determine what to price your e-book at, you need to consider its length.

Check out the readers’ forums and blogs to learn what’s hopping.

Don’t waste your time writing on a topic no one has an interest in.

Go to Yahoo Answers or niche forums to get some insight on what the best topics are to write about.

The more competition there is in a niche, the better for you.


Amazon will send recommendations to prospective buyers, and your e-book could be one of those they recommend people to read.

Properly Format the E-book to Amazon Kindle Guidelines

It’s imperative that your e-book is formatted to the rules Kindle lays out.

If you want people to purchase your book, be sure to work on the table of contents.

You want easy-to-read pages for your readers.

Create an appealing cover graphics and description.

You also need to find the right tags – you can do this by checking out similar book themes. 

The entire process isn’t difficult to learn but will be extremely useful when you’re uploading the book to the Kindle marketplace.

Promote Your Amazon E-Book

Another key step in success is promoting your Kindle e-book.

It’s not uncommon for a book to sit online for months without notice because the author failed to promote the book.

However, Amazon offers blog features and an author page that will help you to learn about your readers, engage with them, attain feedback and receive reviews.

You can also take advantage of the limited-time free KDP select promotions.

The book is offered at a reduced price to garner feedback and then goes back to regular price after a period of time.

Although you’ll have less income during the promotion period, it’s a promotion that pays for itself.

Reviews Help You Make Money (Don’t Buy Them Though)

Kindle Publishing isn’t all that different from any other e-book marketing done on the Internet.

Yes, Amazon has a great reputation and provides a plethora of optimization features, but you still have to create a promotion to get noticed.

You can’t buy reviews, as Amazon filters them out and they can damage your credibility.

A surefire way to make money via this method is to attain real reviews and provide free information while directing people back to the product using press releases and article marketing.

5 Tips to Successfully Publish & Market Your E-book Through Kindle

Just the very thought and mention of Kindle causes traditional publishing firms and agents to worry. And, there are good reasons for their concern.

Kindle reader sales have increased dramatically all around the world – being used on buses, trains, planes, beaches or wherever a person can take it.

It allows a person on vacation the option to take thousands of books anywhere they go without the need to pack them up and take up precious space that could be better suited for clothing.

Many traditionally published authors have used the Kindle Publishing platform to re-circulate their old work, with amazing results.

One such author was able to upload five of their out-of-print fiction works that included a linking thread.

By doing this, the author made 36 sales in less than a week.

This encouraged them to upload the rest of the fiction titles, but nothing has come from it.

Why was that, the author wondered.

They decided to do some investigation to learn the answer.

What did they learn?

• The titles initially re-circulated took off because they sold well when they were paperbacks. Does that mean Kindle readers have a memory lifespan of that long? Probably not.

• Was their choice of the Kindle publishing category the reason? No doubt, a big reason for it.

• Did their choice of certain keywords play a part in it? The chances are yes, they were.

Basically, the author needs to go back and check out the keywords and categories for the 15 other titles and carry out the same process that was seen with the five successful ones.

How to Publish Your Book on Kindle

If you have a lot of work on your computer that has yet to be published or if you have published works that can be re-circulated, then you need to consider the following tips to use Kindle successfully.

Target Audience – If you’re going to be successful in selling your books, you need to know who your target audience is.

Who would most benefit from your writing?

Kindle offers a plethora of tools to assist you with this.

Cover – If you have work already published, be sure to look over the front cover.

If you haven’t published a book yet, create images that will meet the specifications that Kindle requires.

Text Formatting – Be sure to read the tutorials Kindle provides to find out what the formatting rules are for books.

Categories – When publishing your book, be sure to pick the right category.

There is a huge list of categories for every non-fiction and fiction book.

Keywords – Your success or failure will depend on keywords.

Be sure to spend some time researching all relevant keywords.

Avoid keywords that have a high usage, focuses on those that many don’t use but are still searched for.

And, if your main keyword is in the book title, you’re golden!

How to Make Money through the Kindle