How the Amazon Kindle Publishing Platform Helps to Earn More Revenue

Amazon Kindle Revenue

Thanks to the self-publishing feature of Kindle, book authors have new ways to generate revenue. 

The most popular reader is the Amazon e-Book reader, which is why the Kindle e-book publishing method is so lucrative.

There are several easy techniques that let you earn revenue through the Amazon Kindle self-publishing option.

Keep in mind that the tips listed below can help in two ways:

  • Improve your e-books’ popularity
  • Increase your revenues

Should Your Next Book Be Published on The Kindle Publishing Platform

Traditional publishing is difficult, and even those who have been successful with that route usually had a contact or two that would help them reach out to agents who would take a chance on them.

Kindle Publishing means not having to mess with the agents or publishing firms any longer.

You can conveniently publish your work in the comfort of your own house any time you finish a manuscript.

It appears many people don’t know that they have the option to publish a book on Kindle.

They also don’t know that publishing on the KDP is better because millions of people can see the book right away.

Traditional publishing methods took time, but KDP means immediate access to the book by consumers who are half a world away from the publishing house.

It’s been years since the release of the Kindle e-book reading devices, but it’s just now that people are buying them.

Things have changed, and e-books are going to outsell print books before you know it.

Today, there is another reason to publish your content on the Kindle – the Kindle App can be downloaded to any device such as the iPhone, iPad, computer, laptop, Android devices, etc.

With the app, many people can read a Kindle book without the need of the actual Kindle device in their hands.

In the past, you had to use a Kindle device to read any Amazon e-book.

Things have certainly changed.

Does this inspire you to publish your fiction, non-fiction, self-help or whatever genre through the Kindle Publishing Platform?

If not, then it should. It has changed the way writers are getting noticed and successful.

No longer do you need to publish your work through a traditional publishing house or get an agent.

With electronic publishing, millions of readers can see what you’ve written quickly.

Of course, there are other reasons that a newbie writer should consider writing and publishing e-books.

What reasons?

You can target your readers, and it’s so convenient to publish your writing electronically.

When you use Amazon’s proprietary publishing format, it allows you to publish your work quickly and effortlessly.

You know that readers will have the opportunity to see what’s recently been uploaded to the system – no more is there waiting on an agent or publishing firm to give you publicity.

You can generate your own or have Amazon help you.

Today’s generation of readers can use the Kindle app as well as the device to read anything they want.

No matter which age group your book is created for, the Kindle format ensures that anyone can access the read the book.

Create A High-Quality E-Book

If you’re going to make money with the Amazon Kindle self-publishing platform, you need to write a high-quality e-book.

Remember, you’re competing with thousands of other writers, which means you need to stand out among the competition to get noticed.

The only surefire way you’re going to be seen is to develop a well-thought-out e-book that people have an interest in.

Be sure to stick with topics you have a clear understanding of – things that you have an interest in yourself.

The first few pages will give people an idea of how much you know about the topic.

Don’t get too involved in an obscure topic (save that for later if you want to attempt it).

The topic may make money, but if you have little knowledge about it, how is it making YOU money?

That right there is the rub!

For your e-book to be successful on the Kindle self-publishing platform, you need to ensure it’s been carefully edited.

Mistakes make you look bad and come across as if you don’t know what you’re talking about. 

A mistake here and there is fine, but every other word is unacceptable.

Be sure to edit and re-edit the material to get rid of mistakes.

Hire someone to do this for you if need be.

Coming Up with an Amazing Book Cover

You have mere seconds to capture Amazon shoppers’ attention.

This is why you need an outstanding book cover and a well-thought up description of the book.

You get just one chance to make a good, lasting impression, so use it wisely.

It’s important to have an expertly designed cover, as people choose what to buy on pictures.

While you can create your own photo, this is only an option if you have the skills for it.

Use a well-quality photo and typefaces that ensure your cover will look amazing.

Your book’s summary should highlight the key points of the e-book.

Be sure to have a few lines of positive reviews, which adds some credibility and boosts the chance of people buying it.

Direct Traffic to Your Webpage

If you want to earn revenue through your Amazon Kindle publishing book, you have to do a plethora of advertising and marketing. 

Thankfully, the Internet offers many free and low-cost methods for you to take advantage of.

Use these ads and marketing campaigns to bring traffic to your e-book description webpage.

You can also use your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others to spur traffic to your webpage.

Create a blog or website that discusses the various book topics.

Add a link that redirects people to the Amazon URL in your e-mail and place it on a business card.

The idea is to use all marketing opportunities you can to drive sales up and boost your chances for success on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

There have been some very successful Amazon e-book authors that have seen a good income from their hard work.

It’s not impossible to have a lucrative book, but it does take work.

You must have a good idea, turning it into something people want and then market it so they can find it.

By taking things slowly in the beginning, you can create an e-book that will lead to good profits.

Anyone Can Be Financially Successful with the Kindle Publishing Platform

Most people know how successful the Amazon Kindle is; it’s one of the most popular gadgets avid readers use to read a book.

E-readers have changed how people get their worldwide news, informational blogs and preferred books.

There are millions of e-books being downloaded each week to Kindle devices.

Of course, that’s not the only change seen with Kindle since Amazon first released it.

Kindle Publishing Helps Independent Authors

Amazon with its Kindle Publishing platform has enabled independent writers/authors to publish their books for the entire world to read.

All someone has to do is come up with a book, edit it, publish it and set a price to it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the writing industry or an expert; Amazon’s KDP program is here to assist you from the writing process to the payment process. 

Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a cent to do!

There is no reason for authors to go from one publishing house to the next in the hopes that the publishing house will choose the book for its next “big thing.”

Today, more people publish their work and get paid for it.

No doubt, it’s a great chance for creative individuals of any background to showcase their talent.

How Does the Kindle Publishing Process Work?

The first thing you need to do is create your e-book content.

This is where most of your time is spent.

Of course, you could save yourself time by learning the secrets pro writers use.

After that, you need to focus on the formatting of the e-book and upload it to the Amazon publishing platform using its instructions.

Amazon will deal with technical problems, formalities and legalities that ensure with your published book.

You’ll also be given the status of “author.” 

After all this, you start marketing and advertising the book to increase your sales numbers and get paid for your hard work and effort.

Amazon Is Looking for Creative Writers

Amazon is constantly looking for new talent to come up with content for the marketplace.

For every sale, Amazon receives 30 percent (you’ll get 70 percent).

Your book gets promoted each time someone searches a keyword related to it. 

Amazon has invested millions of dollars in creating systems that allow unknown authors to get published. 

Such systems include title publishing, generation of ISBNs, creating direct Kindle access, etc.

Amazon Provides Novice Authors Array of Revenue Opportunities

Amazon will get 30 percent of a sale while the author receives 70 percent. It’s the basic payout, but it’s not the only one offered.

Independent publishers and authors can choose the “KDP Select” and receive payment through shares of a fund where billions of dollars were set aside for this group.

The revenue produced is dependent on the number of times the e-book was bought or borrowed in a certain timeframe.

You also have access to the plethora of Amazon promotional tools, and they help in the promotion campaign to spur interest in your e-book.

This is a great way for people who want to use their creative skills to get paid without a commitment of some type.

You can publish as many books as you want.

Amazon has eliminated the hard work that’s associated with the publishing process so that you can publish the work you have created and earn good money from it.

All you need to know is how to use the Kindle Publishing platform, create a workable plan and watch your efforts take off.

How Novice Kindle Publisher Users Can Use The Platform Successfully

If you’re going to be a lead Kindle publisher, you need to be a top Kindle Marketer.

A well-designed marketing campaign is a key way of making money (for any type of business).

How can a Kindle publisher make sure their books hit the top of Amazon charts?

Where do they go to make the magic happen?

It begins with Kindle Facebook groups and a highly successful book marketing campaign.

Writers who purchase books on Kindle Marketing through sites like Warriors Forum are often invited to Private Facebook groups based on the purchase. 

Here, they’ve joined a group of successful publishers that are helping one another drive their books to the top of the list.

It works by offering their books for $0.99 for a limited to.

These group members will buy it and give it a review.

The same process is done for one of their own books.

The Amazon system sees the $0.99 purchase as a sale, which helps the book get closer to the sales rank.

When it’s received enough positive reviews and sales are good, the book begins to appear higher in search results. 

After this, the authors of the Facebook group increase the price to what they really want the book for.

This is the simple method of gaining success, and it’s smart!

Another way marketer’s increase sales are to buy gift cards for a few dollars above the book’s cost and send it to someone who is an Amazon best-selling author.

After they introduce themselves to that author, the author informs the best-selling writer that they bought their book and left a review, encouraging them to do the same thing.

Given the marketing value this has, the best-selling author is happy to oblige.

If they do, the review of the other author’s book is put on the list of books the best-selling author has read and reviewed.

Since this person has more readers that respect his/her opinion, the other author’s book will see more traffic and sales, ranking higher and getting more reviews.

If you’re going to be a successful author on Kindle, you need to think outside the box and get creative with your marketing.

This starts by joining the Facebook group, which will teach you a host of other marketing techniques that you can use to be successful.

What Tools Can Be Used To Help You Be Successful?

The great thing about the Kindle platform is that independent authors can use it to publish their work.

Besides offering e-books, the platform provides an array of options for publishing content.

What options are there?

Kindle Direct Publishing

KDP is short for Kindle Direct Publishing, which offers a platform with an array of publishing tools that can be used to sell e-books online.

The KDP will convert files into Kindle-compatible books before they are shared with readers.

It’s an easy-to-use platform.

All you have to do is upload the book, choose the price you want to sell it for and publish it.

Visit the kdp website to set up a KDP account or to learn more about the platform.

Publisher Tools

Writers without access to premium writing tools such as Scrivener can use Amazon’s publisher tools.

The tools were developed to assist writers in coming up with e-books easily and effortlessly.

The tools mean there’s no reason to hire or outsource the writing, editing and formatting to others.

Instead, the tools let you do everything yourself.

What are the different publisher tools?

  • Previewer – The program lets you see how the book will look like in Kindle devices and apps. Use it to see the book layout, improving problems such as font size or text orientation. Use the KindleGen with Previewer to get the most from it. The program can be downloaded at the kdp website.
  • KindleGen – This powerful tool was developed to help people create Kindle e-books. With a command line, you can run the program, and it’ll convert HTML, XHTML and EPUB files into Kindle e-book. While the program converts the file, it displayed in-depth information. If it has an issue, you’ll see an error message in the conversion process.  Be sure to solve the issues in KindleGen before the book is published.
  • Comic Creator – This tool will let you convert any graphic novel into a file that’s compatible with Kindle devices and apps. It’s loaded with great features and can improve your readers’ experience. You can also easily import artworks and see how the book is going to look like when it’s published. Since it accepts the majority of graphics file extensions, any design tool can be used.
  • Children’s Book Creator –This is a similar program to Comic Creator, allowing you to convert image-dependent books into Kindle-compatible files using the Kindle platform. The different of the Children’s Book Creator to the Comic Creator is that it allows for more body text. If you love writing children stories, you need to use this tool.
  • Textbook Creator – This easy-to-use tool is used to design textbooks and various educational materials. There’s no need to have programming or designing skills to use it either. You can convert PDFs into Kindle-ready files, and include an array of elements to it such as images, audios and videos.